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About us

SINCE 2020

About Us

Welcome to Elite

It has been said that “Passion gives you energy.” At Elite Solar, our mission is to enhance and enable Passion in both our customers and employees. Conventional wisdom tells us the world needs to operate a certain way. Through the years, we’ve observed the injustices and false assumptions taught by those in power. Life should be centered around passion and purpose. We are centered on providing a family and employee-centered business. By doing so, we believe that our reps will provide a world-class, elite experience for their customers. With that focus on passion, we as a company offer you energy.


There should be no surprises when switching to renewable energy. We believe in being truthful and accurate with our customers to create successful relationships.


In order to build and maintain trust we require our staff to maintain a strict code of conduct that articulates our expectations to treat our customers fairly and honestly.

No Shortcuts

We partner with the most experienced & licensed solar technicians, electricians, and engineers to provide a seamless approach to installation and solar commissioning.


Our systems are designed for performance, reliability, and long-term savings. We are committed to installing systems that benefit the property owner, the community, and environment.

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Service & Efficiency

Our Works

Elite Solar Team is dedicated to ensuring that our team is trained to the highest standards in the industry. We believe that it is important to constantly educate our staff on emerging trends and new technologies. We value transparency and work hard to ensure that all our customers receive the highest level of customer care and service from start to finish.

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